THE 2000S

Events that YSWC created, helped with or attended

World March of Women 2000   Oct 15, 2000

The March of Women demanded that the UN and its member status develop concrete measures to put an end to poverty. In Ottawa, thousands of women rallied on Parliament Hill to support the 13 Canadian demands to the federal government to help end poverty and violence against women in Canada. YSWC in participation with the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) were active throughout the year in promoting the awareness around the World March demands, by providing a Yukon perspective on grassroots women’s activism within this national forum.

Action on Homelessness April 19, 2000 

YSWC participated in a meeting entitled “Action on Homelessness” hosted by federal policymakers. A federal overview of the new federal strategy was provided, which included focusing on youth, urban Aboriginal people and shelter improvements. 

Family Violence Court and Treatment Program Options     2000

The new Family Violence Court and Treatment Program Options for abusers will change the way that domestic violence is dealt with in the Yukon. YSWC made a submission to policy makers highlighting their concerns as well as providing concrete solutions as to how to make this process more fair and equitable for women. 

Violence Against Women     2000

In addition to participating in the World March of Women, the YSWC also participated in a number of policy monitoring groups including Domestic Violence Treatment Option Steering Committee and Response to Violence Against Women in Intimate Relationships.

Gaining Ground: Women Mining and the Environment         Sept 15-17, 2000

This project was coordinated by the YSWC and the Yukon Conservation Society. Natalie Edelson worked on this special project for YSWC, which included a statement of principles and a song. Goals: protect women’s rights to healthy land, themselves, safety, economy, families, and the future, support those of us in the greatest need by demanding accountability of the government and industry, reclaiming the economy, making government and industry recognize the full scope of impacts (social and environmental health), empower communities to address the issues and demand industry and government to address the many social issues caused by mining that specifically affect women and children. This gained a lot of interest from the International Mining Activism Community and were invited to Albuquerque.

Gaining Ground: Women, Mining and the Environment Booklet   Winter 2001

A booklet on Gaining Ground that provides an in depth examination of the social and environmental realities faced by the Yukon and other regions whose economies are dominated by mineral resource exploitation. 

YSWC Partner with Government of Yukon’s Health Promotion Branch   Oct 16-17, 2001

The YSWC partnered with the Government of Yukon’s Health Promotion Branch to provide specialized training on women’s issues to groups and agencies working with women. The training focused on empowering women in their decision-making process and accessing available resources. 


More to come