THE 1990S

Events that YSWC created, helped with or attended

Take Back the Night  Sept 21, 1993 

70 women rallied in the Law Courts building. After some strong speeches, they marched after dark to demonstrate our right to safety in the streets. 

Take Back the Night  Sept 29, 1998

VFWC Moves to 503 Hanson Street     1997

Gould VS YOOP Continues        1990-Oct 3, 1995

YSWC Radical Change! May 23, 1991

A new collective structure. The change was recommended by an ad hoc group of members who got together after an emergency meeting. After the Board of Directors recognized the volunteer burnout was threatening YSWC future. The ad hoc committee came up with an action plane first, identify the problems: board burnout, administrative overload and time involved in maintaining an office, member alienation and not enough volunteers. Funding cuts from the Secretary of State, was one of the main reason the YSWC was in crisis. 

Key features of collective structure: members can strike collectives to work on specific projects, collectives can have two or two hundred member an administrative will deal with administrative issues, for funding the YSWC still needs a Board of Directors, collectives must organize activities in accordance with the aims and philosophy of YSWC. 

Breakdown of YSWC Collectives May 23, 1991

OptiMst Newspaper: Mary Martin 

Women and Disabilities: Judi Johnny

Women of Colour: Jon Leah Hopkins

Media Watch: Jennifer Nathan

Violence Against Women: Rachael Grantham

Gould Case: Lynn Gaudet

SWOT Team (Support for Women with Outspoken Tendencies): Dorothy Reso-Hickman

Lesbian Issues: Helen Fallding 

Membership/PR: Ginny Storey 

YSWC AGM     Oct 5, 1994

Many collectives reported their projects and ongoing endeavours. Because of the decentralization of the YSWC organization into collectives, and because there is no office visibility in the community has been low. This has provoked some Yukon Party politicians to presume the YSWC is no longer a significant organization, representing the interests of women. 

YSWC Metamorphose Again       Sept 1995

Over the last three years the YSWC has been operating through different collectives. Although this has been a good way to decentralize the activities of YSWC and to give many women a chance to speak on behalf of YSWC, it was time to re-evaluate. Decided to go back to one central organization who will do most of the public awareness/lobbying/organizing work.

Women on Wings     1991

A collective providing support and advocacy for women with disabilities, boasts 14 members and has tackled numerous problems concerning the accessibility of services in our community. 

The Lesbian Issues Collective     1992

Sprang into action on the Underwoord-Carrott immigration case, providing concrete assistance and support on these women on behalf of the YSWC

Yukon Advisory Council on Women’s Issues         1995

The Yukon territorial government re-established the Yukon Advisory Council on Women’s Issues. The Council’s mandate is to advise the Minister on women’s concerns. YSWC and VFWC were surprised that they were not invited to join the Council. Despite this, the YSWC intend to work with the Council as much as possible to ensure all women are represented. 

NAC is Back!         Oct 1995

National Action Committee on the Status of Women. NAC has not been particularly active in the past few years. NAC is undertaking a structural and organizational review – i.e. our role as regional representatives within the NAC structure is currently being redefined.

YSWC and VFWC Merging?! Summer 1996

The YSWC is actively pursuing the idea of merging with the VFWC. The idea came up at the YSWC annual meeting in April. VFWC and YSWC started out as the same group and then split into two. Since then VFWC has tried to be more of a drop-in, counselling and service-oriented organization and YSWC has taken on advocacy and lobbying work. 

Klassen Decision angers Women’s Groups     1997

Until Men choose to end violence against women, there must be legislation and sentencing that hold violent men accountable for their actions. Women’s Groups: YSWC, VFWC, Kaushee’s Place, Women’s Transition Home, Dawson City Women’s Shelter, Watson Lake Women’s Transition Home, Women’s Directorate Staff, Yukon Advisory Council on Women’s Issues. 

Shelagh Smith, Arlin McFarlane, Leslie Hamson

Women on Assistance Programs: Falling into the Gaps         March-Dec 1997

YSWC received funding for this project. The first goal of the project is to identify the ways in which women find that various government assistance programs fail to meet their needs. YSWC aims for the project to be a dynamic process. Carolyn Moore was hired to carry out the project. The focus group had a meeting and discussed the issue papers prepared by Carolyn Moore. Afterwards, the papers were presented to the Health and Social Services Minister, Dave Sloan and the Justice and Education Minister, Lois Moorcroft. 

NAC Representatives & Annual General Meeting in Ottawa     1997

Carolyn Moore and Shehnaz Ali started their volunteer positions are co-regional representatives for the Yukon and Northern B.C. region of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC). They also attended NAC’s annual general meeting held in Ottawa on September 20th-21st.

YSWC New Logo

The image of a triangle on its side, with the symbol for women overlapping. The triangle implies the shape of the Yukon seen lies on its side with the slanted line running upwards from left to right, expressing energy and action. The symbol for women is partially white, partially black, implying multiculturalism. Also, there is a sense of balance in the use of the dark and light together. The sign is textured, signifying the texture of life, perhaps of women.

YSWC Received New Funding     1998

New funding from the Government of Yukon and as a result has more resources to carry out their goals. The departments of Education, justice, executive Council Office and the Women’s Directorate have contributed a total of $12,000 to provide consultation to the government on issues of concern to women, particularly with regard to the government’s own Action Agenda. 

YSWC Members on Government Committees     1998

Sharon Kempton on Anti-Poverty Reference Group. Linda Hilton represents YSWC on the implementation committee for the Family Violence Prevention Act.

 Sexual Assault Prevention Month     1999

A steering committee comprised of members from Kaushee’s Place, Kwanlin Dun wellness Centre, les EssentiElles, Mental Health Services, YSWC and the Yukon Health Promotion Unit was coordinated through the VFWC. Coordinated a number of events throughout the month, including workshops, discussions and video presentations. 

YSWC and Reproductive Health         1999

YSWC was involved in a number of discussions concerning health promotion and implementation in the area of reproductive health. 

Maintenance Enforcement Program/Social Assistance     1999

YSWC involved in discussions stemming from our previous issues paper, Finding the Gaps. 

Yukon Council on the Economy and Environment     1999

YSWC committed on making sure that the concerns of Yukon women are brought to this council. YCEE advises government on many issues such as the Yukon Conservation Strategy, the draft Development Assessment Process (DAP) legislation and diversification of the economy.

NAC     1999

YSWC participated in the NAC election by nominating Natalie Edelson to sit on the NAC executive as Regional Co-Representative for the Yukon and Northern B.C. region, replacing Carolyn Moore. 

World March of Women in the Year 2000     1999

YSWC excited with working for les EssentiElles, NAC and more than 2000 women’s groups in 163 countries who have signed on to world demands for the elimination of discrimination, poverty and violence. The movement, coordinated by Quebec women’s groups, is continuing the grassroots work of the 1995 Bread and Roses march. 

Homelessness     1999

YSWC lobbied to be able to participate in a recent meeting for service providers who work with people who are homeless.

Family Violence Prevention Act Implementation Committee     1999

After initial public meeting held at the public library in October 1997, the YSWC has continued their involvement with the ongoing meetings surrounding the implementation plan for the new Family Violence Prevention Act. 

Maintenance Enforcement Program/Social Assistance     1999

YSWC continued to be involved in the discussions stemming from our previous issues paper “Finding the Gaps”. We are working towards ensuring a non-coercive system that helps women who are seeking financial assistance.

The OptiMSt Vol 19, Issue 3, Sept 1993

Recognition and Respect the transitional role of women in public life by Joyce Hayden 

The OptiMSt Celebrating 20 Years


11th Women’s Conference        April 20-22, 1990 

Workshops: Women taking action in our communities.

12th Women’s Conference        June 1991

14th Women’s Conference         Nov 1993

“Sharing Herstories, Connecting Past and Present” at the Bahai Centre on Lake Laberge 

15th Women’s Conference Sept 23, 1994

Topic: Women as Healers

Circumpolar Women’s Conference        May or June 1993

Audrey McLaughlin worked with the Aboriginal Women’s groups at the conference. An international conference on women’s issues in the North will be held in Fairbanks, Alaska. Topics include: Women in Leadership Roles, Health Issues Which face Northern Women, The personal Life and Family Issues of Northern Women, Environmental Concerns in the North, Work Life Issues Affecting Northern Women, The Social Welfare Network for Women in Northern Communities.