THE 1980S

Committees created through YSWC 

YSWC and Pipeline     1980

Patricia Hunking and Debra Dungey met with the Yukon Advisory Council to the Northern Pipeline Agency over the concerns regarding the Pipeline Impact Information Centre 

Kaushee’s Place March 3, 1980

The Transition Home is now known as Kaushee’s Place. They have meals, support and information for women and child that want it. Yukon Women’s Transition Home Society. 

Events that YSWC created, helped with or attended

Weekly Column in Whitehorse Star continues       April 1982

10 Years: The OptiMSt     1984

15th anniversary of The OptiMSt     1989

Transition home open for a year     1981

Brief on Labour Standards         Feb 1982

The YSWC submitted a major brief to the Labour Standards Select Committee in February 

Human Rights Coalition       Sept 1983

The Human Rights Coalition made multiple submissions to the government mainly regarding pay equity and sexual orientation. 

Human Rights is a priority issue to ensure rights against discrimination for everyone, in particular, women. Made a submission in September 1983 and before the submission they were lobbying the government frequently.  

Media Watch and YSWC                 Nov 9, 1983

YSWC co-sponsored a public meeting in November 1983 and it focused on “First Choice” pay T.V. Vera Blackwell, YSWC Media Watch representative for the Yukon and Cathy Moise did a “Insight” program. Lots of media attention; newspapers, radio, etc. 

YSWC Overview     1984

The YSWC has been working on women’s issues since 1973 and was the founding mother of the Women’s Centre and the OptiMSt. YSWC has been instrumental in initiating the Transition Home (Kaushee’s), the Annual Women’s Conference and the Mini-Bus Service, and has presented numerous briefs to governments and for governmentally commission studies. Recently, YSWC has been lobbying the government on the issues of labour standards and human rights, has worked with Media Watch in preparing a brief to the Pornography and Prostitution Committee.

All-Candidates Meeting         Fall 1984

Charter of Rights     1984

Federal Government called a Task Force on Child Care    August 1984

YSWC has been working with the Yukon Child Care Association in preparing a presentation to the Task Force, which will be conducting a public hearing in Whitehorse.

NDP Government     1985

Women’s Directorate created by government     1985 

Due to the Women’s Directorate being created the YSWC got lost in public viewing and often got confused for the Women’s Directorate. The Women’s Directorate became a department of the Yukon government in 1985 (with the NDP government). The Directorate is responsible for ensuring that gender considerations are integrated into all aspect of government policy making, legislation and program development.

A-Team Sept 18, 1985

An emergency meeting was called due to the amount of burnout and lack of womenpower. Jennifer Ellis was coordinator during this. A steering committee called the “A-Team” was created to help the YSWC regain energy and direction for their organization. Every Wednesday the committee met and discussed the YSWC goals and objectives, community roles, priorities, and issues, staff and executive job descriptions, member ship and volunteers, fund raising and grants. 

“How to Run a Successful Status”     Dec 2, 1985

This event was organized by the A-Team where they could get recommendations on how to run a successful status. 

YSWC and Children Hyphenated Names     1985

YSWC supported children having hyphenated names with both parents’ last names, not just the father. By 1985, children were allowed to hyphenate.

First Nations Women and Women’s Groups Against Indian Act        March-June 1985

The YSWC & VFWC met with the Yukon Indian Women’s Association to discuss areas of mutual concern. Bobbi Smith was the main person planning and leading. The Indian Act, section Bill C-31 or the removal of section 12 (1) (b). For example, First Nations women lost their status and band membership when they married non-status men. 

Human Rights Brochure     1985

The Human Rights Brochure is a product of the Human Rights Committee. The brochure will be printed for education purposes to assist in the discussion over the winter of the YTG bill. 

Human Rights Brochure     March 1986

Re-activated by the Status and the Human Rights Coalition. 

YSWC AGM April 14, 1986

Prioritize: Lobbying, Outreach to communities, self-education on human rights, family violence, pay equity, etc. Outreach to the communities: Women on Wheels with Women’s Directorate, VFWC, Yukon Indian Women Association and the Yukon Women’s Transition Home. Objectives are to provide information and resources to the community, get input on how the Status can be better represent and to do more for the community: to let people what the status is and does and out plan for the future, to create a network to help us get information from an to the community on ongoing basis.

Women on Wheels            Oct 6-10, 1986

The four organizations (Women’s Directorate, VFWC, Yukon Indian Women Association and the Yukon Women Transition Home, YSWC) travelled to Ross River and Watson Lake providing outreach to the communities. 

Women on Wheels         Oct 27-28, 1987

Goes to Carcross. Women’s Directorate Rep: Linda McDonald. Yukon Indian Women Assicoation Rep: Natalia Boland. Drug and Alcohol Services rep: Cate Moise. Kaushee’s Transition Home rep: Linda Boychuk. VFWC & YSWC rep: Joyce Hayden

Yukon 2000         Nov 1986

Yukon 2000’s main focus was economic development and women. The Women’s Directorate took the lead and was extremely effective in bringing First Nation and non-First Nation women together. 

Pay Equity – Yukon Style   August 1986

YSWC urged the implementation of the principle “equal pay for equal value". There has been a substantial gap in the average wages of women and men for a long time. YSWC held a public meeting on “Pay Equity –Yukon Style: A Discussion Paper on Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value”. The paper discussed the White Paper on Human Rights. In addition, the YSWC submitted a paper that outlines the YSWC concerns with the White Paper. 

Take Back the Night  Sept 19, 1986

On September 19, 1986 women across Canada took to the streets in Take Back the Night demonstrations, protesting violence against women in the streets, on the job and in our homes. 

Human Rights    Feb 12, 1987

The new Yukon Human Rights Bill was passed on February 12th. Passage of the bill marked the end of a long 18-month debate throughout the territory on the principles of the Bill. The most contentious items were the prohibited grounds of sexual orientation and criminal record or charges, the provisions for equal pay for work of equal value, and the power of the commission. 

Lobbied for abortion     1988 

Committee to Critique the Government Plan of Action     1988

Chaired by Lynn Gaudet and Paula Pasquali 

Child Care Review Panel     1988

Presentation to the Child Care Review Panel (Green Paper) prepared by Laurie MacFeeters and Susan Matthews 

YSWC Co-Organizes Employment Equity Meeting     1989

YSWC co-organized employment equity meeting with Nicole Morgan, author of “The Equality Game”. 

Madeleine Gould Case     1987 YSWC wrote to Madeleine Gould, the woman challenging the all-male club known as the Yukon Order of Pioneers, offering support and assistance.

YSWC and Madeleine Gould Case           1989

YSWC applies to intervene in the Gould VS. Yukon order of Pioneers. Gould was represented by the Yukon Human Rights Commission and the YSWC hired a lawyer, Gwen Brodsky. Gould won right to be a member of the all male Yukon Order of Pioneers. Although, YOOP filed an appeal. 

Pornography Awareness Month        May 1989

Social Assistance Policy       1988-1989

YSWC lobbied the government and made some changes such as a single parent on Social Assistance has to option to stay home if he or she wants, Social Assistance rates will be reviewed annually.


The Yukon Women’s Conferences 

Our Well Being: A Conference on Yukon Women and Health       September 12-14, 1980

Women and The Law         Sept 25-27, 1981

A conference on Yukon Women and The Law. Conference committee: Debra Dungey, Sheila Benson, Alison Reid, Sande Copeland, Marilyn Ronald, Rebecca Shanks, Carole Geddes, Jean Harvey, Claudette Wilson, Eloise Spitzer, Lois Hawkins.

Women and Finance     1982

Women and Pornography           March 23, 1982

Women and Advertising             March 9, 1982

Women and Technology          Jan 1982

Survival in the 80s         Sept 24-26, 1982

4th annual Women’s Conference 

Women and Business & Lobbying Techniques          Jan 1983

Women and the Law          Feb 1983

Women’s Conference         Sept 23-25, 1983

Annual Women’s Conference     1985

Women and Our Relationships. 7th.

8th Annual Women’s Conference         Nov 1986

Bobbi Smith. Theme: Northern Women. Topic “Women Living in the North”. 

9th Women’s Conference Nov 7-9, 1987

YSWC co-sponsored.

10th Women’s Conference      March 10-12, 1989

Theme: “Who is in Control? Sex, Reproduction and Intimacy in the 1990s”. Jan Langford planner of Conference. 

9th annual Women’s Weekend      March 29-21, 1985

NAC Regional Conference in Ottawa      March 14-16, 1980

‘Women and Aging’ brought forth problems of women getting older, poverty, pensions, housing, etc. attended by Debra Dungey and Sheila Benson representing YSWC. 

NAC AGM     March 12-14, 1982

NAC AGM in Ottawa where 400 people that attened. Mary Beth Zapf representing YSWC 

NAC Mid-Year meeting

YSWC attended at the NAC Mid-Year Meeting in Vancouver. 

Meet with NAC     1987

YSWC met with President of NAC, Louise Delude, and discussed childcare