Yukon Status of Women Council

We are a non-governmental organization that advocates for gender equality through research, policy change and education. 

YSWC has a rich history of feminist principles and action. We occupy a unique position within the women’s community because we are the only NGO which has the mandate to work for women’s issues with all levels of government, to conduct research and follow-up the results with action and to provide a voice for Yukon women. Participatory research on the issues and concerns of Yukon women is translated into action for change, bringing women’s issues to the forefront. YSWC acts as a catalyst for women to work together and to spark action.



308 Hanson St
Whitehorse, Yukon

aja.mason@yswc.ca - Executive Director

heidi.marion@yswc.ca - Project Manager 

jess.stone@yswc.ca - Project Manager

kara.garcia-rideout@yswc.ca - Capacity Coordinator

admin@yswc.ca - Administrative Coordinator


Whitehorse's transit system was born out of work done by YSWC in the early 70's

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